Vehicle Storage

Secure RV and Boat Storage Options at A Storage House

Why Store Your Prized Boat, RV, or Vehicle

Seasons change and, when the offseason comes around, it’s best to have a safe, secure place to put your valued vehicle or boat. A Storage House provides more than just a lot to park your stuff. We have on-site managers to watch over things as well as security lighting, perimeter fencing, electronic gate access, and 24/7 surveillance.

Parking your vehicle outside might not be an option in your local municipality or maybe you just don’t have the room. Motorcycles, four-wheelers, and classic cars can quickly fill even large garages to the brink. Regardless of the reason, A Storage House is ready and available to help you resolve these problems.

Rent your storage unit

Vehicles can take up a bunch of space to store. Motorcycles, boats, RVs, jet skis, ATVs, and sports cars are perfect for enjoying sunny days on the water or adventures on the open road. But, when you aren’t using them, storing these vehicles can get awkward if not downright crowded. 

When you value your vehicles yet find yourself running out of space to keep them at your place, it’s time to find storage somewhere else. At A Storage House, we know how important it is to safely store these vehicles.  We provide secure and varied storage options for your benefit.

Steps to Take to Keep Your Stored Vehicle in Tip-Top Shape

The following can help you prepare for either long or short term storage:

  • Change your oil and filter while it’s warm to assure old/potentially thickened oil gets changed out.
  • Refresh the coolant to prevent costly damage to the engine.
  • Disconnect your vehicle’s battery to keep it from draining during storage. Clean the terminal ends, wash the battery with a solution of water and baking soda, and rinse it with distilled water.
  • Remove any electronics or belts that are vulnerable to temperature damage.
  • Remove any perishable items such as food from the vehicle.